The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN was first established by the 1983 act, suspended in 1984 and resuscitated in 2002. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the Visitor of the University.

The University is governed by Council while the highest Academic body is the Senate with the Vice Chancellor as its chairman. The Registrar serves as Secretary to Council and Senate bodies.

The Registry Department’s primary responsibility is to provide support services for the general administration of the University.

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Mr. Felix I. Edoka


Mission and Vision.

Our vision is to provide quality support services for students and the General Administration of the University with emphasis on Council affairs, Senate matters, Staff recruitment, Students’ admission/welfare, Staff welfare and other related activities.

The Registry Department of NOUN is considered to be the “heartbeat” of the University from where the administrative and academic services and provided for in all arms of the University. It offers administrative and support services to Governing Council, Senate, management Committees as well as other service Departments such as the Bursary, Physical Planning, Internal Audit, Academic Planning Unit, Legal Unit University Library, Media and information Unit and office of the Vice-Chancellor. The Registry therefore ensures that the operational goals and objectives of the University are achieved as enshrined in the Act establishing the University.

The Registry at present is made up of the following Units:

The Registrar’s Office, Council Unit, Directorate of Human Resources, Human Resources Junior Section, Directorate of Academic Registry and Staff training & Development.

As the nucleus of the University’s Administrative activities, the Registry is manned by a very high caliber staff to enhance quality service delivery. The Registrar who is also the Secretary to Council and Senate is the Head of the Department and is currently assisted by all Directors and Deputy Registrars.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar is responsible to the general Management and administration of the University. The functions of the Registrar’s office include staff recruitment and placement, postings and transfers, staff and student matters, appraisal of staff amongst others.

The Registrar’s office is divided into following units:

1.   Directorate of Human Resources

2.   Human Resources  Junior Staff Section

3.   Directorate of Staff Training/Development

4.   Directorate of Academic Registry

5.   Council Affairs Unit 


Directorate of Human Resources is responsible for all senior staff matters:

·         Preparation and presentation of reports on senior staff

·         Preparing briefs for Appointment and Promotions Committee (A&PC) Servicing Senior staff leave matters

·         Conveying decisions of Management on senior staff

·         Servicing Appointment and Promotion Committee on senior staff

·         Servicing of Senior Management Meeting

·         Shortlisting of candidates for interviews


Human Resources Junior Staff Section is responsible for all junior staff matters such as:

·         Junior Staff Leave matters

·         Conveying decisions of Management on Junior staff

·         Servicing Appointments and Promotions Committee – Junior staff matters

·         Supervision of Junior Staff


Directorate of Staff Training, Development is responsible for the following:

·         All matters relating to Staff training

·         Computation of terminal benefit of staff

·         Documentation of all new staff

·         Preparing and updating of nominal roll

·         Scrutinizing indebtedness of staff leaving the University and stoppage of their salaries at appropriate time.

Directorate of Academic Registry is responsible for the following:

·           Screening/Verification/Registration of student

·           Orientation & matriculation program

·           Convocation Ceremony

·           Examinations

·           All Student matters


Council Affairs Unit is responsible for the following:

·   The Unit is the engine room of business operations of the Governing Council under the supervision of the Registrar.

·    It serves as the Secretariat to all Committees of Council and send out notice of Council meetings.

·   Preparing documents of Councils decisions within 72 hours for relevant bodies to implement.

·     Preparing provisional agenda for the meetings of Council, Finance and General Purposes Committees and other Council Sub –Committees.

·    Ensuring timely preparation of meetings of Council as stipulated in its standing orders of meeting

·   Proving essential support services and welfare for the members of the Governing Council.


Staff in the Registrar’s Office:

1. EDOKA Felix I.  (Mr.) -Registrar

2. ORITOGUN Folashade T. (Mrs.) -Deputy Registrar

3. DABIT Helen (Mrs.) – Chief Confidential Secretary

4. SALAAM Oladunni N. (Miss) – Senior Assistant Registrar

5. AKOH Suleiman (Mr.) – Administrative Officer I

6. PWAJOK Johanes (Mr.) – Administrative Officer II

7. GODWIN Ugbede (Mr.) – Higher Executive Officer  

8. OKON Daniel Esther (Mrs.) Assistant Chief Clerical Officer

9. PAM Felix Bitrus (Mr.) – Senior Clerical Officer

10. ALESHINMAGUN Abdulrasheed (Mr.) – Senior Clerical Officer

11. ETIDO, Helen Mosugu (Mrs.) – Clerical Officer

12. BADMUS Quam (Mr.) - Clerical Officer

13. AZI ATSEN Luka (Mr.) - Environmental Assistant

14. ABDULAZEEZ Bilikis (Mrs.) - Environmental Assistant

15. JAMES EJIMA Israel (Mr.) – Artisan (Driving)

16. EJEMBI Felix (Mr.) - Artisan (Driving)

17.  ISAHAYA Isaac (Mr.) - Artisan (Driving)



Mr. Felix Edoka

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Phone: +2348082629830

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Mr. Felix Edoka

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